Singapore Job Searches What You Need To Know As A Foreigner

Examine the Essential Guide to work and live in Singapore as an Immigrate


Fantastic business opportunity in Singapore

Singapore is a small country, but its ability to provide jobs is incredible. Most jobs in Singapore are in the industry and services sectors. The strategic location, low corruption rate and qualified workforce make this country the top destination for more than 7,000 multinationals from the United States, Europe and Japan. Also, you can find about 1500 Chinese companies and 1500 Indian companies. Singapore has succeeded in many economic fields. Even if a contraction of -0.8% occurred in 2009, it managed to restore its economy in 2010 with a growth of 14.5% of GDP. The remarkable economic growth makes this country one of the four Asian tigers.

In December 2010, the services sector employed 2,151,400 workers out of 3,102,500 jobs. The local population holds about 64.2% of these jobs, while the foreigners manage the rest. Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore’s poverty level is much lower. These facts make Singapore the preferred destination for job seekers.

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Are you interested in finding a job in Singapore? It can be challenging to find the right job in this country. Here’s a quick guide to making searching for work in Singapore more comfortable and more successful:

The salary you can earn

A graduate of any kind can generally earn $ 2,000 a month. Depends on your experience; You can even make thousands of dollars if you have a pleasant experience. In general, computer scientists receive the highest salary in all areas. In Singapore, you will always get proper compensation because there is a government branch that monitors workers’ compensation called the Ministry of Manpower.

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Apply for jobs in Singapore

About 95% of vacancies in Singapore are posted online. Thus, you must be active in browsing the internet to get the appropriate job in the country. There are many websites available to help you find employment in Singapore. These websites generally require that you submit your CV with an attached photo. Before applying, make sure you have already arrived in Singapore. While it is true that an application can be submitted online from anywhere, companies usually prioritize applicants residing in Singapore.

Working procedures

You will not work under contract when you work in this country. You must be trained for at least 3 to 6 months before becoming a regular employee. Various business cards are issued to Singapore employees. Workers with a salary of $ 2,000 – $ 2799 will receive an S pass, while workers with a salary of $ 2,800 will receive an electronic pass.

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Places To Stay

Hotels are the best place to stay if you come to Singapore on vacation. However, a job seeker like you will need affordable housing. You can try to stay in a hostel or bed or rent the entire room and pay per day. The hostel costs $ 13 a day, while the family starts at $ 10 a day. Some people in Singapore rent their bed with amenities like washing and cooking. Renting the entire room can be a great option if you need privacy. The price generally starts between $ 300 and $ 700 per month, depending on the amenities and location.

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